agricultural irrigation hydraulic hose thread

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    DIN 7631. The male connector has a 60° recessed cone and a straight thread; the has a straight thread as well, and a globeseal seat. The seal forms between the recessed cone on the male and the tapered nose of the . The threads of both halves mesh to form a strong mechanical bond.

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    Tefen Flow and Dosing Technologies is a manufacturer of fittings and flow products, with more than 40 years of experience in product development. Tefen manufactures and sells a wide range of products in the connecting and fluid egories.

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    Toro offers a selection of drip tape fittings and accessories designed to assist in the installation and maintenance of your drip system. Our hose and dripline fittings are made from the highest grade materials and with the strictest quality control standards.

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    Drip Tape Irrigation Line 5/8", 16 Mil, 16" spacing Irrigation and Synthetic Turf Cooling Dust Control and Suppression Effluent - Waste Water Irrigation Hobby Farm & Garden Irrigation Bush Fire Fighting Sprinklers Soft & Hard Hose Travelling


    Localized irrigation that delivers drops of water and sometimes added nutrients directly to the plant roots. Small volumes of water pass through the drippers. Required filtration degrees: 80-130 micron. Micro Sprinklers Provides water using very fine droplets or spray through narrow tubes, directly to the base of the plant.